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Brian A. Kelley has been a dedicated attorney of the Massachusetts Public Defender's Office for the past 8 years. He recently left that office and has established a private practice in Boston. During his career with the public defender's office, Mr. Kelley has handled countless criminal offenses in various

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For nearly 10 years Attorney Kelley has sucessfully represented a wide variety of criminal cases. Removing all personal or private information, the following are brief overviews and detailed looks at some of Attorney Kelleys cases.


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Serving all Cities and Towns throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Contact Brian A. Kelley for quality Criminal representation, today. Follow Attorney Kelley on Twitter, Facebook or Google + for up to date happenings on legal matters both within Mass and across the US.

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Navigating the Massachusetts Trial Court system can be an unnerving experience. It is important to have a qualified attorney by your side. Contact Attorney Brian A. Kelley today and start understanding and fighting for the rights you are entitled.