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Mr. Kelley chose to defend me over matters in my case that I didn't understand, as someone who is not an attorney. It's not as cut and dry as what you say vs what the DA says. Mr Kelley found holes in my case that not even I was aware of. That's why you hire an attorney. He did a good job and helped me through a somewhat difficult situation to go through.

After being summoned to a show cause hearing at the Clerk Magistrate's Office in Boston, MA for drug possession, I reached out to a number of defense attorneys. Brian was one of the first to respond (within 24 hours), and his response was by far the most informative and gave me the sense that he genuinely cared about my predicament. Once I sat down with Brian to discuss the alleged offense, I could tell that he would put in his best effort to help me. We discussed possible courses of action and ways to resolve the issue, as well as all possible outcomes. Brian was honest in his discussion of the possible outcomes and what the chances were of not having a complaint filed against me at the show cause hearing. Prior to the hearing, Brian made many attempts to speak with the police officers involved and kept me informed along the way. He always responded to my calls promptly and made time to meet with me whenever I requested it. Brian was able to talk to the officer in charge of filing the complaint, and convinced the officer that the complaint should not be filed. Thanks to Brian's attentiveness and professionalism, my criminal record remains clean and I was able to avoid a life changing criminal complaint being filed against me.

Its refreshing to know that there are some Attorneys that actually believe in the Constitution.. In a Judicial system that has failed to protect its citizens basic rights, Brian Kelley actually believes in his clients rights, and the constitution. If you are looking for an attorney that believes in justice, look no further.

Brian represented me in the most professional way and fought very hard for my case resulting in a much deserved not guilty verdict. I would highly recommend him for counsel.

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