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The Law Offices of Brian A. Kelley provide proven representation to clients

charged with, or under investigation for, all criminal offenses.

Domestic Violence

Restraining Orders

Sex Offenses

Weapons Charges

Theft Crimes


Armed Robbery

Violent Crimes

White Collar & Federal Crimes

Check & Credit Card Fraud

Motor Vehicle Crimes

DUI Defense

False Accusations


Juvenile Offenses



Additional Services

  • Represent clients who have been charged with a probation violation in probation surrender hearings

  • Seek dismissal of misdemeanor criminal charges in clerk's hearings

  • Petition to have a client's record for a criminal arrest or conviction sealed

  • Seek post-conviction relief for clients (such as a new trial, reversal of a conviction, or a revised sentence through trial court motions and criminal appeals in Massachusetts and federal appellate courts)

  • Advocate at college disciplinary hearings for students facing criminal charges

  • Provide advice and referrals for criminal defense clients who are also facing child safety investigations by the Department of Child and Families

  • Represent criminal defense clients whose immigration status could depend on the outcome of the criminal proceedings

  • Clear up old Massachusetts warrants

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